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Long Island Business Expo & Conference

Event Information

The Long Island Business Expo is a one-day event designed for business owners and executives of small and mid-sized businesses to gain access to high-level education and growth opportunities. This is a must-attend event for our business audience. Innovative ideas, emerging technologies, disruptive business models, networking events, and content that inspires, including our first Women Lead & Learn Conference, all deliver on the promise of helping attendees find the unique path to their business success. 

For more information about the event visit: http://www.businessexpoli.com    

Vendor registration: http://www.businessexpoli.com/get-involved/


Ticket Information

Pre- Registration for the 2018 LI Business Expo is now Open! Free VIP Pass for a limited time only! ($30 Value- offer ends soon)

Register for the event here: http://www.businessexpoli.com/registration/

Parking Information

Parking for this event is $5 upon arrival. 

For additional parking information, including a map and policies, please click here.

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